Immigration Lawyers


who we are

Bradley, Manuela and Marcel decided to start Palmer Rey PLLC after having practiced immigration law in the Detroit area for many years. They found that their individual fields complemented one another’s and that their goals were similar. They believe that utter dedication is what wins a case and makes a business thrive. Choosing to specialize in a field means that you are completely devoted to it. Energy and passion, combined with specialized expertise, are what distinguish Palmer Rey.

Bradley Maze - Attorney

Having come to the United States as a child, Bradley Maze has always identified strongly with the challenges and barriers facing new immigrants to this country. With more than a decade of experience litigating in the Detroit Immigration Court for those facing removal from the Untied States, Brad has had many prominent successes. 

Manuela Policicchio - Attorney

Growing up in an immigrant family, Manuela Policicchio understands the challenges that immigrants face in this country.  She is hard-working, thoughtful and energetic.

Manuela understands the significance of individuals’ immigration concerns and works hard to find legal solutions for her clients.        

Marcel Miclea - Attorney

Marcel Miclea is a native of Romania who immigrated to the United States in 2003. After 5 years working as a corporate lawyer, he switched to immigration law and soon realized how important his work is in changing lives. Marcel works hard to help people obtain green cards, non immigrant visas, or U.S. citizenship so they can live in the United States and build a future for their families.


Maria Elena Arriaga - Case Manager

Maria assists clients with most family and employment-based matters like adjustment and change of status, naturalization, waivers of inadmissibility, DACA, U visas, removal, H-1Bs, Religious workers, and consular matters.

Adriana Martinez - Case Manager

Adriana handles a variety of cases ranging from VAWA, SIJ, Cancellation of Removal, Affirmative Asylum, or Withholding of Removal to Adjustment and change of status, naturalization, Fiancee visas, H-1Bs and consular cases.