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Our firm's name is about our clients, not us

We chose the name "Palmer Rey" to express our respect for our clients and our identification with their journey.  "Palmer" is another word for pilgrim. Like pilgrims, immigrants undertake long and often difficult journeys. To be a pilgrim or an immigrant requires courage and determination. But both pilgrims and immigrants expect, and usually obtain, major rewards, spiritual or material, at the end of their quest. 

"Rey" is the Spanish word for "king." We treat our clients with the respect and dignity that a king or queen deserves. Like kings and queens, immigrants must show dignity and leadership. Like royalty, immigrants sacrifice themselves for others, and in so doing they inspire hope and imitation. All three of us, Bradley, Manuela, and Marcel, are from immigrant families. We see in the eyes of our clients the dreams that we and our ancestors had when immigrating to the United States. We treasure the commitment and sacrifice that immigrants display, and we strive to treat our clients as we would treat royalty.

Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life.
— John F. Kennedy